Your eyes don’t deceive you, Aston Martin built a One-77 No. 78 in secret and now it can be yours


Known as one of the most temperamental and exclusive supercars of its time, the Aston Martin One-77, as its name indicates, only 77 units were manufactured for the whole world… or that is at least what was believed until today. And it is that at some point, a wealthy client of the brand convinced Aston Martin to build him the One-77 No. 78a unit that hides a peculiar story behind it, which we can consider quite a rarity and which is now looking for a new owner.

While the 77 owners of the Aston Martin One-77 won’t be happy to discover that a chassis number 78 of their prized collector’s item was made, the truth is that for the rest of the world, the story behind this true last One-77 is quite curious. Despite costing more than one and a half million euros at the time, with such a reduced production, the quota of orders for this supercar soon closed, which meant that many of the brand’s customers were left without the option to satisfy their whims. .

However, someone in the United States did succeed, because they managed to convince Aston Martin to sell him one of eleven development prototypes that were used during the One-77 tests. Specifically, the basis of this project had served the brand to cover 38,358 km in all types of scenarios, including circuits such as Nardó or Nürburgring, as well as participation in different motor events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, in addition to playing the role of Safety Car at the Aston Martin Racing Festival held in Le Mans.


Aston Martin agreed to this client’s request, carrying out a deep restoration process of this unit of the One-77 to be able to be taken to the streets under the chassis number “10711”. During this process that took 7 months, numerous components of the vehicle were replaced. such as suspensions, clutch, tires, exhaust, diffuser, headlights or the entire interior of the passenger compartment, finishing off this unit with the painting of its bodywork in Copper Pearl color. Curiously, neither the gearbox nor the 750 hp 7.3 V12 naturally aspirated engine were replaced..

Aston Martin One-77 aston-martin-one-77-a-villa-deste_73

And now this unit, after passing through several hands in the United States, is back for sale. Having already accumulated 40,840 km at this time, we are talking about the most used Aston Martin One-77 of its entire lineagebut also the one that hides a more curious story. However, buying this unit brings with it a series of drawbacks, since you need to go through the workshop to repair the air conditioning, a task valued at $45,000, to repair the windshield wiper motor ($10,000), in addition to solving other problems that prevent the multimedia system or the electrical adjustment of the mirrors from working correctly.


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