Would you buy the same car again? These are the 10 models whose owners would not recommend even to their worst enemy


The high prices of new vehicles have led drivers to be cautious when disbursing such amounts. Before reaching that point, it is normal to collect all the information on the model in question and a fundamental piece of information would be to know the opinion of those who made the same decision: to be able to ask them if they would buy that car again. That is precisely what he has done. Consumer Reports: These are the 10 vehicles that owners wouldn’t recommend to their worst enemy.

There are many reasons why a vehicle may or may not live up to its owner’s expectations, but the question “If you had the option, would you buy it again?” it gives prospective buyers the ability to slow you down or boost you up before taking the final step. Consumer Reports has posed this question to its members to gauge their satisfaction and combined the results with their reliability ratings and test scores.

This is how he has measured which cars have met expectations and, above all, which have not. The result is a small guide for future buyers. As it is a study carried out in the United States, there are models that are not available in the European and Spanish markets (most of them): however, in our case, we can keep the result of the marks, since some have greater presence than others.


The least recommended cars

Mercedes, Volkswagen and Kia appear in the list of cars least recommended by their owners with two models each. Jeep is present with a single vehicle, while Nissan is the most popular in this ranking with two copies plus one from Infiniti: its luxury brand.

He tops the rankingVolkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, a seven-seater SUV that, if it existed in Spain, would be an alternative to the Volkswagen Touareg: yes, only 38% of its owners would buy it again if they had the chance. They accompany him on the podium Mercedes GLB because only 39% of drivers would repeat their purchase and the Infiniti QX50 with an intention of 40%.

The next models on the list are the mercedes gla (45%) and the Jeep Compass: 46% of drivers who opted for it would choose this compact SUV again. Consumer Reports also notes that it scored below average for reliability.

Behind them appear the Kia Seltos and the volkswagen taos (both with 48% intention), the nissan kicks (49%), the nissan altima (51%) and the Kia Forte (51%). Consumer Reports stops at the South Korean brand to point out that the Kia Seltos scored well in the other areas (reliability and driveability), while the Kia Forte was below average.


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