With more than 500 liters of trunk and being able to save you thousands of euros, these 4 second-hand SUVs are a smart purchase

With more than 500 liters of trunk and being able to save you thousands of euros, these 4 second-hand SUVs are a smart purchase

These are difficult times for those who want and need a comfortable and spacious car, since these are the most expensive vehicles on the market. However, in What car do I buy? we can find the solution thanks to second hand car sectionwhere we will find options like these 4 SUVs with more than 500 liters of trunk space and that will allow you to save thousands of euros compared to a new car.

And it is that at the end of the day an SUV with a large trunk implies a considerable outlay, and more so in these times of inflation that we are experiencing. Luckily, it is possible to continue enjoying the beauty of this segment and get a spacious, comfortable and equally modern car for much less than what they cost new, and proof of this are the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, SEAT Ateca and Peugeot 3008.

A current Kia Sportage with almost 600 liters of trunk and for much less

The latest generation Kia Sportage has the advantage of having enough on the market that there are already alternatives on the used market. In this way, we can get units with few kilometers in hand, not only with considerable savings compared to the new Korean SUV, but also with 591 liters of boot capacity and with the latest technology of the brand.

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And in the event that the current second-hand Sportage also implies an outlay that is too high, we can always turn to the older generation. We are talking about a reliable, comfortable, modern enough car and to declare a not inconsiderable 480 liters of trunk.

Hyundai Tucson, the best option in terms of price-space ratio

In a situation very similar to that of the Sportage is the current Hyundai Tucson. And it is that we are talking about an SUV that is still for sale but of which we can already find units on the used market, not only with the depreciation that this implies, but also with a modern interior. and with an impressive 620 liters of trunk.

Likewise, if the current pre-owned Tucson is too expensive a vehicle, we can always go to the earlier delivery. In this way we will save more and we will continue to enjoy a relatively current car with a boot capacity of 488 liters.

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Veteran but equally interesting, this is the SEAT Ateca in which you can save a lot of money

The SEAT Ateca can already be considered an old acquaintance, but one that maintains its style very well. And it is that we are talking about an SUV that has gone on in years but that continues to offer current technology, reliable engines and a trunk with a capacity of 510 liters suitable for transporting all our belongings.

The advantage of this is that, having been on sale for a few years now, we can get used units both restyling and pre-restyling, as well as any engine that it equips and with all possible configurations, leaving a range of options suitable for all tastes and pockets.

Design and space, the two best assets of the Peugeot 3008

If there is a different compact SUV on the market, it is, without a doubt, the Peugeot 3008. And we are talking about a car that is not only technological and with a groundbreaking design and personality, but also one that declares 520 liters of trunk.

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As with the SEAT Ateca, the lion’s SUV has a few years behind it, allowing the used market to offer restyling, pre-restyling and plug-in hybrid units. And although it is true that with the latter we lose trunk capacity, we gain with the DGT ZERO label.

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