Almost €7,000 less than a Sportage, this is KIA's true anti-SUV and its best November offer

With a 625-liter trunk and for just over €20,000, this is one of the best anti-SUVs on the market

For many drivers, SUVs have become synonymous with space, a large trunk and a spacious cabin for traveling and with which to cover family needs. But if what we are looking for is the best relationship between space and price, and savings are king, there are better alternatives. Especially at a time when inflation is having an impact, and in what way, on the automobile market, regardless of whether we are looking for a new or semi-new car.

And it is precisely for this reason that converts the family vehicle derived from a compactas in the case at hand, in the true anti-SUV and a smart buy.

Can you buy a family for more than €20,000?

Kia Ceed range. From left to right, ProCeed GT, Ceed and Ceed Tourer.

The anti-SUV for €20,800

One of the most interesting offers and alternatives to the SUV in this final stretch of 2022 It comes to us from KIA and its model KIA Ceed Tourer. The KIA Ceed Tourer offer starts from €20,800for the most affordable version that uses a 120 hp gasoline engine, manual transmission and the Concept equipment line.

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The Concept version is equipped with the minimum essential equipment, including 16″ alloy wheels, a complete package of driving aids (with lane keeping assistance system, emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, fatigue detection and assistant dynamic high beams) and a simple sound system, with a 5″ screen and USB connection. But if we want a more equipped KIA Ceed Tourer, we will have to opt, at least, for the Drive version, which already starts at €22,206 and uses dual-zone climate control and an entertainment system with an 8″ screen and compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

We will give you some figures that justify this model as one of the best options for those looking for a spacious car. The trunk of the KIA Ceed Toruer reaches a capacity of 625 litersreducing to 512 liters in the micro-hybrid versions and 437 liters in the plug-in hybrid mechanics.

As we told you, the KIA Ceed Tourer in this price range becomes the real anti-SUV recipe. Let’s think that the cheapest KIA Sportage at the moment and from €27,540. But it’s also important to note that Ceed Tourer prices have increased in recent months. The same Ceed Tourer that costs €20,800 today was priced at €18,300 in July and only €16,450 at the start of the year. Its current price, €20,800, has been maintained since August. And we estimate that it will continue throughout December.

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If we choose to finance the purchase, we know that KIA is making better offers at the dealershipas long as we finance with the entity associated with KIA and its promotions.

KIA’s is not the only anti-SUV recipe

KIA is not the only manufacturer that houses family derivatives of compacts in its range. Nor the one offered by the cheapest or most interesting family member. Among the most interesting proposals on the market we find the following:

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