Why will Google Street View cease to exist in 2023?

The application google streetview, which allows you to travel the world showing photographs, soon will cease to exist for Android and iOS.

This is because the company wants simplify your services and not duplicate its functionalities in the different apps, so that in March 2023 Google Maps will be left alone in this aspect.

While to be able to publish videos and images in 360º, it will be necessary to go to Street ViewStudio.

A Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Google confirmed the news for The Verge, Street View will definitely no longer be available on both operating systems in March.

After several years giving away curious photos, games and even serving to collaborate with the authorities in some notorious cases, it’s time to say goodbye to the app.

This application was born as a tool installed as standard on some Android devices. Fast-forward to 2015, when it became “an add-on” to the Google Maps app.

The logical evolution of the quintessential navigation app means that one of the two has to be left aside, so Street View, having less success with users, is the one chosen. In fact, its updates were less frequent, so it is a natural death that it was decided to advance.

It is worth mentioning that Google Maps initially had a reduced version of Street View and, today, its functionalities are basically the same.

The app was being used lately by users I wanted”meet the world” virtually and those who wanted to contribute their own images and 360º videos.

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From March 2023, the most nostalgic will be able to continue exploring, but directly from Google Maps. Those who are interested in publishing videos will have to move to Street View Studio, as specialized media advanced.

Now, not everything will remain the same, since one of the functions that will be eliminated completely is that of «Photo Paths». This allowed any user to contribute to the application with a 2D image of an undocumented road,

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