Why the Toyota Hilux is not sold in the United States

For users of Toyota acquiring new models is interesting, but the toyota hilux It is not marketed in the US. Here’s why.

toyota hilux

The toyota hilux It is a luxury model known worldwide. Which makes that Toyota keep her on top of her products.

However, with all that fame, the model is not available in the United States. But why is it so hard to find in the US and Canada? Before explaining the reason, we will address the potential fame of her.

History of the eternal Toyota Hilux pickup truck


Toyota introduced the hilux on the Japanese market in March 1968 for the first time. After its enormous success it went beyond the Japanese borders to the international market. Landing in North America in 1972 as a replacement for three other models of the firm.

After redesigning its interior, it became a versatile truck full of comfort and a smooth ride. nicknamed as slutlux, hoelux, luxy and highlux in the year 1976 in the USA

After decades it always proved to be durable. In 2007, Jeremy Clarkson Took a 1988 unit to topgear to show its performance and if it really was the strongest unit overall. Clarkson tried the hilux in different crazy tasks to see your stamina.

The 1988 Hilux on Top Gear, With 190,000 miles on the odometer, it survived many obstacles including drowning in seawater overnight, having a trailer thrown on it, being hit with a wrecking ball, and set on fire.

How and why Hilux said goodbye to North America

In the 90s, the toyota pickup hilux it was a popular choice with extreme strength and a touch of lavishness.

However, the toyota hilux disappeared from the North American market in 1995. Some reasons behind the decision that the Toyota Hilux was sold in Mexico and other countries, in Latin America, but not in the United States It had to do, probably with emission and safety standards. Being replaced by Toyota Tacoma.

Currently, although it has the best market price, it is almost impossible to import it to North America. Thanks to a fiscal policy imposed by the US government known as Chicken Tax, importing an assembled light truck outside of the US requires a 25% duty. Which makes the Hilux too expensive and fails to compete against other compact models. If it were made in the country, everything would be different.

The Americanized Alternative: The Tacoma

The toyota tacoma compensates for the lack of hilux from the year 1995. Very similar in several characteristics but suitable for North America.

Both platforms are similar, however, the tacoma has a greater breadth than hilux, perfect for the wide highways of the United States. With a more aggressive design.

Its engine options and a good number of diesel options make it special for this territory.

Is it still Toyota’s longest-lasting vehicle?

The toyota hilux was successful from 1972 to 1995. The toyota tacoma It is a good replacement, both being the most reliable models of Toyota. Unfortunately the added tax makes it unpopular in North America.

Pre-1995 model to quench your thirst

However there are several Used Toyota Hilux from 1995 and from previous years that are marketed in some North American states. autotrader has a large quantity of this model on the list and at reasonable prices as a Hilux from 1982 starting at $9,000.

Classic Cars also owns several hilux, including a 1993 model with 74,000 miles on the odometer for $25,000. So if you’re a fan of the toyota hiluxjust click.

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