Las ofertas de autos en Thanksgiving son incomparables.

Why it’s a good idea to buy a car on Thanksgiving

This 2022 is a different year. Lately, many car buyers have been paying much more than the sticker price for new vehicles, and used car prices remain high.

Although new car inventories are slowly replenishing, JD Power reports that nearly half of new cars are still selling above MSRP.

Nevertheless, thanksgiving is only a few days away and during that weekend the offers and low prices are unmatched at almost every car dealership. The most popular models are often low in inventory, making them harder to find and if you do, they will command a higher price due to demand.

Why thanksgiving Is it a good season to buy a car?

Every year after dinner thanksgiving Thousands of people already plan to go to car dealerships, stand in lines to buy cars and take advantage of the great deals that come out in black friday.

The black friday it’s the best way for retailers to purge their shelves and capitalize on ready-to-spend Americans. The same logic applies to larger purchases, including vehicles. These dates present a great opportunity for dealers to sell their used car inventory.

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In a survey by, there are 33.1% more incentives available to buyers looking for used cars on the market. Black Friday.

Dealerships have what are considered the trifecta of reasons, with Black Friday falling at the end of the week, nearing the end of the month and nearly closing out quotas for the year, that’s when sales managers are itching to bid, dealers car buyers can get great savings.

It is recommended that before you make any purchase, investigate and go in search of the offers that you like the most. During black fridayyou can find discounts never seen before, interest discounts of up to 0% and even a cash back in excess of $500.


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