Why does a tire go flat without being punctured?

One of the inconveniences that vehicle owners often face is the flat tires. In most cases this problem is linked to a puncture in the rubber.

However, on rare occasions this problem usually appears even without having a puncture. Next we will address the possibilities of this situation.

There are several possibilities as to why your tires are losing air:

  • A hole in the tread, probably from a nail or something sharp in the road.
  • A hole in the side wall, probably from an encounter with something sharp on the road.
  • A poor seal where the tire meets the wheel, allowing air to escape.
  • A loose or malfunctioning tire valve.
  • A repair that is now malfunctioning

To do?

The primary method of finding leaks is to spray the tire with soapy water and be watch out for bubbles especially in the mentioned areas. This procedure is recommended to be carried out when the rubber has the Full air pressure and they still get hot from driving.

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Another option is to remove the set of tires and submerge them in a bucket of water.

If it’s a slow leak, the tire will only lose air when driving. The puncture may be so small that it won’t even widen enough to let air out until the rubber warms up.

This road heat causes the hole to temporarily expand and also increases the air pressure in the tire to push harder.

If the tire is not perfectly seated on the wheel, sand or gravel can get into the wheel, creating a small opening that lets air out. However, a leak where the tire bead meets the wheel can be intermittent and difficult to find. The source of a slow leak is often the valve.

Sometimes it is difficult even for an expert to find the source of the leak. If your tires are old and have multiple leaks, it’s best to replace.

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