Why are some electric cars said to have an artificial exhaust pipe?


Everyone knows that electric cars work differently than internal combustion cars. A question that many people ask is why they use a artificial exhaust pipe. And this question is due to the fact that these cars do not work with an engine that emits harmful gases into the environment.

Therefore, they do not need to use an exhaust pipe. here you will learn what is an artificial exhaust pipe and why electric cars use one. In addition, you will learn some important elements about the operation of electric cars that you may not have known.

What is an artificial exhaust pipe and why do electric cars use one?

To answer this question, we must first answer Do electric cars need an exhaust pipe? Certainly, it is not necessary for a fully electric car or BEV to have an exhaust system. electric cars have not been designed with an engine that requires the expulsion of waste gasesJust like traditional cars.

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BEVs work very differently, as the energy is stored in lithium-ion batteries and using this energy does not produce waste gases.

The emissions that occur in electric motors are expelled once the car is turned off, but these do not come directly from the running engine. Therefore, there is no need for a waste removal system like the exhaust gas emission mechanism.

Understanding this, we will say that once an electric car has been bought, if can be fitted with an artificial tailpipe as a trim or add-on with no real function. A look behind the many BEVs from giant electric car makers; like Tesla, it doesn’t show any kind of tailpipe.

The artificial tailpipe just creates the illusion of having an exhaust system for a more car-like feel..

Do electric cars have emissions associated with the use of electricity?

Yes, there are emissions associated with the use of electricity, but these are smaller, almost negligible with those that can normally be produced with an internal combustion car. There are also electric cars that have zero exhaust emissions.

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Since these cars do not emit harmful gases, the exhaust pipes do not have the same level of necessity that they would have for an internal combustion car.

Do electric cars combine exhaust sound and artificial exhaust pipe?

Yes, the government is proposing new schemes to install fake engine noise systems in electric cars to prevent accidents. Manufacturers are now working on technology that makes electric cars audible from a distance so there is no danger of colliding with each other..

To make these sounds more attractive, some car owners are using artificial exhaust pipes to give the impression that they make a sound when accelerating. By the year 2024 Dodge has announced that it will launch the first electric muscle car on the market: The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept.

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