Who posed as Bizzarap and showed up at Shakira’s house with a Ferrari for a heavy joke (+Video)

Last weekend an unusual event occurred during the birthday of Sasha, the youngest son of Shakira and Piqué. A Ferrari was present causing a stir for the nod to the recent song by the Colombian singer with the producer Bizzarap,

according to the newspaper The confidential, it was all about a Hidden Camera of the “youtubers” Jordi Tortosicrack and Didac Ribot. These were looking for create a show and confuse the press by taking advantage of the media focus centered on the third Shakira, Piqué and Clara Chia.

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These content creators are known for their hidden camera pranks and they approached the Barranquillera’s house with a Ferrari. One of them was disguised as Bizarre, in a black cap with his initials, and the other was listed as an escort.

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The scene caused a stir among people who are following the aftermath of the break between the two public figures. The Colombian’s house has become a place of pilgrimage for her fans, especially after the artist decided to go out on her balcony to say hello.


♬ Bolivian Cumbia – Bonny Lovy

As a result, more and more curious people come to the home to get the artist’s greeting. For this reason, the “youtubers” took the opportunity to carry out the aforementioned joke.

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