What is the fine for refueling diesel B?


With the rise in fuel, it is inevitable to implement all possible tips to save diesel and gasoline, in addition to looking at their prices each time when going to the gas station in search of the cheapest. So, if you have a diesel, you may have noticed the existence of a diesel B with a significantly lower price than conventional diesel and therefore asked what happens if I refuel diesel B in my car

At the time of writing these lines, diesel A is around €1.89/l, while B remains at €1.46/l, which gives us a differential of 43 cents, or what which has been the same, some €21.5 savings when filling an average deposit of 50 liters.

The red hose of the dispenser corresponds to diesel B

Can a diesel car run on diesel B?

The price difference between both types of diesel is notable, which inevitably leads to ask us if a diesel car can run on diesel Bespecially if we take into account that this fuel is associated with agricultural machinery and tractors, which suggests that it does not have the quality of “conventional” diesel.

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As well, At first, any diesel car could run on diesel B without much problem. as chemically both types of fuel are practically similarwith the exception of the absence of certain additives in diesel B, generally of the detergent type that prevent the accumulation of carbon, as well as a very slightly higher density and a slightly lower cetane number, a parameter that we remember refers to the time that elapses from the moment the fuel is injected into the cylinder until the combustion process begins, so that a higher cetane number implies less time and, therefore, better quality combustionthat is, with lower consumption, lower vibrations and higher performance.

Thus, in the most modern diesel cars, with complex injection systems, numerous anti-pollution elements such as the particulate filter or AdBlue and a significant electronic load, it is not convenient to use itsince in the long run costly breakdowns could appear in these systems, in addition to increasing their consumption, thus reducing these savings.

Although diesel A and B are similar and a diesel can work with it, it is not recommended in the most modern.

What is the fine for refueling diesel B?

However, you should know that it is forbidden to refuel B diesel by private users and also transport professionals, since it is a subsidized fuel for the agricultural sectorwhich means that its use is only allowed in tractors, machinery of that nature, special unregistered vehicles and some types of boats that are not recreational.

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So that, The fine for improperly using B diesel starts at €601 and can reach €12,000., in addition to entailing the immobilization of the offending vehicle for up to 12 months, doubling the economic amount in case of recidivism. In fact, this fraudulent use of Diesel B is considered a crime of fraud to the Public Treasury.

The fine for using diesel B in a diesel car can reach a fine of €12,000.

To facilitate its detection by the Civil Guard and other competent authorities diesel B has a reddish color that allows it to be distinguished from conventional diesel in a simple and fast way through a mere visual inspection, although the truth is that this type of fraud is not usually common among private drivers of passenger cars, or at least they are not usually so controlled, partly due to the greater difficulty of extracting the aforementioned deposit sample.

On the contrary, yes This is a practice that has sometimes been detected in the heavy road transport sectorreason for which the DGT in its usual campaigns to this sector to verify rest times also carry out this type of control.

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