What is the cheapest 2023 electric car in Mexico?

What is the cheapest 2023 electric car in Mexico
What is the cheapest 2023 electric car in Mexico

Buying a vehicle in Mexico is undoubtedly a family investment, especially when it comes to electric ones. It is true that a majority of Mexicans with the possibility of buying a car do so through a loan or through other types of financial instruments and even in cash.

With the pandemic, the automotive industry was affected, since component suppliers, mainly Asian, had to close their semiconductor production plants.

In the same way, the logistics for the transport of the units were affected by the shortage and the increase in prices, the Russian war in the Ukraine, the volatility of the currencies, and more, have made buying a car not a task. easy. Fortunately, there are still some affordable vehicles in the Mexican market, and here we bring you which is the cheapest electric car in Mexico in 2023.

The cheapest electric car 2023 in Mexico

The SEV EWAN 2023 It is a car from the Chinese company Levdeo, which in China is called Letin Mengo. These electric vehicles recently arrived in Mexico, represented and imported by the Mexican company Solarever, dedicated to the sale and installation of solar panels. Being the automaker SEV created by the Mexican company Solarever and the Chinese automaker Letin.

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Although electric cars are generally the top of the range of automotive brands, making them more expensive, this car is not that case. And it is that, with a fairly competitive price, the SEV E-WAN becomes the cheapest electric car in mexico.

SEV E-WAN 2023, is the cheapest 2023 electric car in Mexico
SEV E-WAN 2023, is the cheapest 2023 electric car in Mexico

The car is an electric subcompact that measures 3,620 mm long, 1,610 wide and 1,525 high, while the distance between its axes is 2,440 mm and it weighs 995 kg. In addition, it promises a range of up to 335 km (in the most equipped version) with a charge. Its power is 35 kW and its maximum speed of 100 km/h in the top-of-the-range version.

The E-WAN 2023 has two levels of equipment: Lite, the basic version, and Bold, the top of the range, the most expensive. The base version has a 17.2kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, and the top of the range 29.44 kWh. This allows fast charging at 440V in 30 minutes, so it will go from 15% to 80% in that time; but without that option, the time to go from 0 to 100% is up to 13 hours.

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Image courtesy of Autocosmos – SEV E-WAN 2023, is the cheapest 2023 electric car in Mexico

For its part, the average charge is level 2 (220V) in 8 hours and constant level 1 domestic charge with an expected life of 5,000 cycles. It is also worth mentioning that E-WAN 2023 will integrate an adjustable regenerative system, allowing the battery to recover energy while driving. In addition, it has traction on the front axle.

Equipment and prices

Regarding the equipment, it has a nine-inch color touch screen, bluetooth connection, mobile/map interconnection (Android), a USB port, 2.5-inch instrument panel for the lite version and 7-inch for the Bold version, two speakers and air conditioning.

Image courtesy of Xataca – SEV E-WAN 2023, is the cheapest 2023 electric car in Mexico

If you are interested in purchasing this electric, the Lite version starts at 299,900 pesos while the Bold version costs no less than 399,900 pesos. Until now, the cheapest electric car in the Mexican market was at 416,000 pesos and it was the JAC E10X.


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