What happens if I put in the wrong oil filter?

What happens if I put in the wrong oil filter?
What happens if I put in the wrong oil filter?

The errors during a oil change can occur and one of the most common is to use the wrong oil filter for your vehicle. This can cause some issues and it’s best to fix it as soon as you spot it, but it’s not especially rare or difficult to mix filter sizes. If your filter is working badly, and you have changed it not long ago, suspect that you have installed a wrong filter, here we will tell you what happens if you put a wrong oil filter, stay until the end.

What happens if I put in the wrong oil filter?

Remember that a new filter shouldn’t malfunction, but it will malfunction on the wrong vehicle because it’s only designed to work with certain engines. Filters come in some standard sizes, but if you use one that doesn’t fit your engine, you’ll have the same problems as someone whose filter doesn’t work. Some of them are:

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1. Possible oil leak

Filters that are designed for your engine should fit snugly into place if they are properly secured. Other filters will not have as tight a fit and this can cause oil leaks. That, in turn, reduces the oil available for engine lubrication and can affect the oil pressure if it gets bad enough. Leaks outside the car are bad enough, but leaks that allow oil to seep back into circulation without going through the filter are worse.

What happens if I put in the wrong oil filter?

And it is that, keep in mind that the job of oil filters is precisely to filter the contaminants that make their way into the oil when it circulates through the engine, trapping them and preventing them from circulating continuously. Filters that are clogged or the wrong size stop working effectively, and that can lead to dirty oil causing buildup or even engine damage over time.

2. Slow down performance

Loss of efficiency in your oil filter and the development of leaks lead to decreased performance, but even without leaks, the wrong filter is likely to cause performance problems. This is because it does not allow the oil to pass through at the rate your vehicle is designed for, resulting in insufficient filtration or reduced oil pressure as the engine runs. Either way, it can affect the power you draw from your engine and lead to heat issues if it’s too steep.

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What happens if I put in the wrong oil filter?

You might not realize it if your daily commute to work is 15 minutes, but it would definitely be different on a cross-country trip. Filters are important to your vehicle. So keep that in mind, as the more you know about your car, the better you can take care of it.


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