What does SUV mean?

What does SUV mean?

Comfortable and sporty vehicles have become very popular, thanks to the comfort and features that make them similar to those SUVs. Drivers are looking for a good model that allows them to drive both within the city and in rural places.

SUV vehicles, apart from being comfortable, offer the benefit of driving anywhere without any impediment, and best of all, you can always get an accessible model that is within reach of your needs.

If this type of vehicle catches your attention, or you are just a little curious, great, because today we will explain a little about these popular cars and what makes them such a special means of transport.

What is an SUV vehicle?

An SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) it’s a sport utility vehicle adaptable to any type of situation, since it is designed both to walk in cities and to travel off-road without losing the comfort that characterizes it so much.

Although they may have several features that make them similar to off-roaders, these SUVs have lower ground clearance and a lack of four-wheel drive. However, it does not make them of lesser quality, since all these differences make them have a lower weight compared to an SUV.


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The trunk space that an SUV truck offers us is ample, allowing save much moreIt’s a comparison of a normal car with a hatchback. Most of these SUV cars have built-in roof rails to carry much more things like suitcases and baskets.



In the SUVs we get a modern sports car look, but because of its height and big wheels, it makes it look like a robust truck ready to take on any terrain. And it is that despite not looking so heavy, in cases of emergency, it is perfect to lend a hand to another person and serve as a trailer.


Depending on the model of the vehicle, the security aspects change, but almost always the same ones will be found. For example, the Chevrolet Bolt EUv 2022 has 10 airbags, ABS brakes, a backup camera, and stability and traction controls.


  • They are characterized by excellent power thanks to the motorization option that SUVs have, which on the road is a benefit for both short and long trips and routes.
  • Depending on the model, these consume less gasoline than off-road cars, allowing the driver to save resources when making long journeys
  • They do not need a differential lock, so when driving, driving is more practical and fluid, allowing the person who drives to have an easier and safer experience.

Difference between SUV Cars and other vehicles.

SUVs have a large space for passengers, which is why many families choose it as the best car. While a classic car has 2 rows of seats, SUVs can have up to 3 rowsmaking it comfortable and spacious.

Have powerful motors that allow you to go into terrain that with other cars you would not dare, but being tall trucks it may be that their stability is less than that of a classic car.

It also differs by its ambiguity, which although it looks like asphalt, its altitude and large wheels allow you to walk in difficult placesbe it rotten roads, potholes and rocky areas that would be impossible for any other classic car to navigate.


SUVs are sports utility vehicles that lately have been the favorite of drivers, and of families for being modern of the latest generation. With a large capacity row of seats for passengers and for having spacious trunks.

Vehicle with large wheels that allow greater visibility to the driver when driving and moving in both paved and rural areas, which despite being technically similar to an off-roader, these do not lose their sporty city car design.

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