VW Boss Promises to Fix Infotainment Problems Including Hardware


The new Volkswagen vehicle has been the target of criticism from customers and journalists. Not because they aren’t great to drive or anything, but because of the sluggish and sometimes illogical placement of features and functions within the infotainment system.

On the VW Golf Mk8 alone, the automaker has issued several recalls to address the issue, even delaying European deliveries. The problem lies with the MIB3 system found in most of the brand’s new cars, including the ID model, and VW CEO Thomas Schäfer admits that an error was made during the design process.

Speak to Car Magazine at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show, Schäfer said they knew what they needed to do when it came to software fixes. The new CEO, who took over this year, added that version 3.0 of the software will launch as early as winter 2022 via an over-the-air update. He also told Car Magazine that the new system would be “much faster, with a lot more features”.

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Hardware fixes, including non-illuminated capacitive sliders for volume or heating, will roll out next year through 2024. They will, of course, be illuminated instead.

The touch-sensitive steering wheel will also be removed, starting with the upcoming new VW Tiguan, which is expected to debut next year.

Apart from the upcoming software and hardware updates, Schäfer is also detailing Car Magazine how VW is working to improve its user interface design. The process includes regular clinics, which involve “random people” participating. He dismissed using their own employees for this as “they are biased.” He hopes this clinic will become a routine training ground for his company.

Schäfer promised that the next Volkswagen would benefit from this strategy, and that a uniform function would be used across the line.

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