Volkswagen’s new CEO admits that his infotainment is bad and promises to improve it

One of the negative themes that surrounded the Mk8 Golf GTI in its lousy infotainment system, as it was error prone and confusing. Given this, the new CEO of Volkswagen, Thomas Schäfer, promised to fix it.

In conversation for Car Magazine, the executive admitted mistakes with the aforementioned MIB3 system, which says it is present in the Mk8 Golf, as well as in other EVs from a variety of brands.

“We know what we have to do”, Schäfer said. “We have comments from clients, we have comments from clinics and from journalists… They say: ‘You know this is not good. You have to improve this.’”

The company will make the corrections during this winter with a “new software 3.0″ which will allow the sliders that control the heater and the volume of the radio to light up at night. Work is also being done to make the system “much faster and with more features”.

There will also be hardware improvements such as capacitive touch buttons on its steering wheels. However, implementing the update will take time and the CEO estimated that in 2024 they could reach vehicles.

Schäfer revealed that the board meets monthly to verify the process of infotainment improvements in you will not make mistakes again.

Now we have regular clinics, many more than before. We use random people. If you ask our own employees all the time, they’ll tell you it’s great. But they are biased!” confessed. “You need to take people from all walks of life, including ages. We ask them, ‘Is this working for you? Yes or no?’ Find out how easily people can find features. I hope we speed this up and it becomes a normal project exercise for us.”

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The CEO of Volkswagen commented that they are working on creating brand identities that allow the inferiors of their vehicles to have more consistency.

“We are dealing with the clinic from a logical approach”, Schäfer said. “We say, ‘What are the top 10 features that customers always need?’ We put them in the first tier on hard buttons. Then in the next 20 features, where do we put them? We add some logic to it. And then keep it the same. Don’t change it!”

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