Volkswagen will finally solve the MIB3 system in 2023


The Volkswagen group has a serious problem with the software of its cars on its hands, something that in fact has led to the dismissal of its previous CEO Herbert Diess and the delay of new launches in many of its brands. But under the new management of Thomas Schäfer, the Volkswagen Group has intoned the mea culpa and has promised to solve the problems of its multimedia systems, and be careful because they don’t only talk about software, but also about hardware. Thus, All current – and future – owners of cars affected by MIB3 infotainment system failures are in luck.

In a recent interview with the British media Car Magazine, the new CEO of the Volkswagen group Thomas Schäfer has admitted the problems of the MIB3 infotainment system. This system was presented as one of the main novelties of the MQB EVO and MEB modular platforms, being released by cars such as the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf (the current one), the ID.3, the SEAT León MK4, the CUPRA Formentor or the Skoda Octavia MK4, offering in all of them an unprecedented leap in terms of graphics, performance, connectivity, etc.

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The problem is that This system, from before reaching the market, already showed problems that even caused the delay in the launch of the Golf itself. Even so, once it hit the market, it kept displaying bugs that caused governance issues, performance loss, or feature disablement. Over time, Volkswagen has released several software updates for the MIB3 system improving the experience in all the cars of the group that install it, however there are still things to be polished.


Volkswagen confirms that the MIB3 system will have a new software 3.0 in 2022 and a hardware revision by 2023-2024

And that is why Schäfer wanted to send a message of tranquility to its customers. The new CEO of Volkswagen has promised the launch of a new software 3.0 that will allow to solve the problems and will add new functions to the MIB3 interface in the winter of 2022. But in addition, it has confirmed that in 2023-2024 we will see a revision of the MIB3 system arrive at the hardware level to solve one of its great defects, the lack of backlighting on the lower touch panel with which we govern the temperature and volume in this system. To this improvement will also be added a revision in the design of the steering wheels and their multifunction controlssomething with which it is intended to achieve a more intuitive control than that currently offered by touch buttons, buttons that in Diariomotor we have criticized over and over again, both in Volkswagen and in all the brands that have joined this trend.

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In Volkswagen they say they have listened to the criticisms made by their clients, workshops and journalists, which is why they have decided to take action on the matter. In the same way, to prevent this type of failure from reaching series production again, we also the development and testing program prior to the release of a model has been reviewed. In this way, it is intended to achieve a much more critical test, with personnel from outside the brand and of different ages, which allows detecting failures or possible improvements.

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