Video shows how a family was able to flee from a trap in Chicureo, Chile


Family is the victim of a trap, but could run away of her in Chicureo, Chile. A video captures the moment.

Family was able to escape from confinement

This Tuesday another trap occurred with an unprecedented mode of operation in Chicureo. A family was the victim when they entered their home in Chicureo, after being persecuted by anti-socials.

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The trap occurred around 8:00 p.m., when the family was traveling along Avenida Del Valle.

A car at low speed behind them intercepts them, when they are entering the condominium and passing the security barriers of the place, the suspects enter before it goes down. At that moment they try to steal the brand vehicle Audi.

In a short time the criminals got out of their unit carrying firearms to intimidate the family, however they managed to escape by breaking the security barrier with the car.

The security guards of the compound noticed the trap and closed a part of the gate of the condominium in Chicureo, thus preventing the criminals from escaping at once.

No one was injured after the incident. The criminals fled maneuvering the car.

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