Video shows how a doctor suffered a trap in Vitacura after surgery “I gave everything”


A doctor who suffered violent confinement When he was leaving the clinic where he works, he recounted the terrible moment that happened.

Doctor suffered violent confinement with heavily armed criminals

A doctor suffered a strong confinement after finishing an operation and going home, the man was intercepted by a group of anti-socials in the Vitacura commune, in the Metropolitan Region.

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The authorities reported that the event occurred at midnight, when the doctor stopped at a commune service center to make some purchases.

“I was coming out of the clinic, I went to eat something because there was no food to eat during the day. I bought a hamburger, went to fill the tire with air and they approached me”. “Three or four subjects got out, at least one had a firearm,” the doctor recounted.

Health personnel commented that “At first I tried to start, but unfortunately, I couldn’t start the car because of my nerves.”

Indicating that the thieves “They were aggressive because they insistently asked me to have everything happen to them, even the power cut.”

“They asked me for the vehicle, all the things I had with me, so I gave it all up. I did not put up any resistance, I handed over the vehicle”, clarified.

The doctor referred to the fact as something quite strong: “I was on the ground and they were pointing a gun at me.”

The PDI reported that the criminals managed to escape in an unknown direction, so the authorities are conducting an intense search for them.

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