used battery sales near me

used battery sales near me

Locating a used car battery can save you approximately $50 to $60. Car salvage yards are ideal places to find sales car batteries used near me in good condition, plus many of these sites offer warranties in case you don’t have enough charge to start your vehicle.

used battery sales near me
used battery sales near me

used battery sales near me

Car batteries are expensive parts, and if you have the opportunity to get one of these used and in good condition, it is ideal because it saves money.. It is understood that locating a used car battery is a bit of an uphill task, considering the battery is not working. The former owner of the used battery may have replaced it before taking it to a car salvage yard. We are going to know where and how to get a used bar near me.

Map to locate used car batteries near me

If you are interested in looking for a used car battery near me or the well-known used battery depots, feel free to check the map below.

Where to find used car batteries near me

used battery sales near me
used battery sales near me

Experience says that in car salvage yards near me They have varieties of batteries used for cars. If it’s a Pick-n-Pull yard, you may have to poke around. Many junkyards remove the batteries and place them in storage for resale. These pieces are tested before, some are even reconditioned to sell them.

Surely you have to search the lot and you will find one in good condition that works, as well as meets the necessary requirements, but you will not know how much of its useful life is left, however, you can test it to verify if it is reliable and if it has a charge for start a car In any case, it is best to ask if it has a guarantee.

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What a used car battery must meet

You may not find a used battery at a depot. car scrap that it is completely clean. Once locate a used battery, it is vital to check the connections, cables, corrosion faults around it and any other detail that can make it not work. The cleaner the terminals and the less corrosion, the greater the chance of generating power without problems. In case the battery looks swollen, or you notice that it has leaked fluid, choose to continue looking.

What to do to find used car batteries near me

used battery sales near me
used battery sales near me

In order to have a successful search for a used battery near me, you must do the following:

  • Search for local car scrapyards (you can be guided by the map indicated above)
  • Call and ask if they have an online inventory of what’s in the warehouse.
  • Find out if they have used car batteries equivalent to what you need
  • Visit the warehouse or battery yard to: indicate car, model, brand, year and other information of interest.

Buy the battery (usually $20 or less you can get a warranty in most places). If you still have a good charge to start the car, that’s great.

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How to recover a used car battery

It First thing to do is use a 12 volt, 2 amp trickle charge. The lower the amps, the better everything is because it must be charged slowly. The time taken is approximately 24 to 36 hours to achieve a full charge. Remember, old battery acid should not be thrown on the ground. Before replacing your current battery, you should keep in mind that a normal car battery lasts 3-5 years on average.

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Common faults in a car battery

  • Broken battery case or casing
  • Battery leaking, swollen and frozen
  • Missing or broken covers
  • Battery power depleted and will not accept any more charge

If you notice that the battery is leaking, swollen and frozen, you should replace it as soon as possible. If the fluid prevention covers are faulty or missing, replacement covers are available at any local store. Likewise, there are very deteriorated batteries that do not accept one more charge. Another factor is that the battery does not have enough energy for the car to start. In any case, you can take it to an auto parts store and request a load test to verify its condition. The load test simulates the power consumption when a car is started.

Where to recycle a car battery

The B’sExpired car batteries can leak lead and acid, these parts contain harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment. They contaminate the soil with lead, acids, chemicals and plastics that are not biodegradable. To recycle the battery, you should contact him local recycling center, and ask if they accept used car batteries. Some recyclers pay for these parts. Another option is to ask at your local auto parts store, many of these places have battery recycling programs.

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Who buys used car batteries near me

used battery sales near me
used battery sales near me

Many people have expired or worn out car batteries and are looking for a way to get money back before getting a new one. If you’re interested in trading in your used battery, don’t rule out the following options:

Frequent questions

  • Is it okay to buy a used car battery?

In many cases, it’s OK to buy used car batteries. It all depends on where you buy. There are some stores that sell used car batteries that offer a 30-day guarantee that will allow you to change the battery if it has no charge.

  • How much can I get for a used car battery?

On average you will get around $7 per battery at a lead rate of ($0.33/lb). For a truck battery you can get a payment of more than $10, all because it has more weight than a car battery.

  • Are Junkyard batteries good?

The experience of many says that junkyard batteries are very reliable. Most junkyards will test and/or recharge a battery before selling it. In addition, you can get a 30-day guarantee to change it, in case it does not have a charge or does not meet expectations.

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