USA: Volkswagen Passat B4 stuck in pole after crash in Walmart parking lot in Massachusetts

The driver of a VW Passat B4 crashed in a Walmart parking lot Leicester, Massachusetts¸ being inserted into a post.

The images of the accident were disseminated by the Leicester Police Department on his official Facebook account. In them I could see the wagon outside the Walmart entrance and resting on a yellow pole in the no parking area.

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Authorities did not explain how the vehicle got into that position, but it is likely the driver did not see the pole when I was driving through the parking lot at night.

The biggest damage is to the front of the driver’s side, where a headlight and a broken fog light, as well as bumps on the bumper and hood.

What remains a mystery is the way in which the car rests on top of the pole, which causes this accident to be, to say the least, atypical and striking.

Either way, you can bet the car suffered serious suspension damage from the wreck.

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