USA: Traffic accident in Roy sparks a fight and leaves two people injured

A car accident last Wednesday in the city of Roy settled with two people injured and four damaged vehicles. In addition, a fight broke out over the incident and one of those involved pulled out a firearm after the incident.

According to Stuart Hackworth, Roy Police Department officer, officers responded to an accident involving four cars at 5400 S. 1900 West just before 2 pm.

A truck crashed into the rear of another vehicle and started a chain reaction where four cars were involved.

Before the arrival of the police, a fight and a man was reported to have a gun.

The driver who caused the accident spoke to KSL TV, although he did not want to be identified and said he left running to see if everyone was okay, but the men inside the crashed car got out and started beating it.

Apparently, both subjects were upset with the person responsible for the crash, so they began to attack him and it was at that moment that he took out his weapon.

The person who caused the incident was concealed carrying a gun and he pulled that gun out to the side of his leg and basically told the person to back offsaid Sgt. Andres Harper. “It seems that he was acting in self-defense.”

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«In these situations, it can be difficult to remain calm, but take a deep breath until the police arrive.” added.

Two people from the other two cars involved in the accident were taken to a hospital after being injured.

It was reported that no arrests were made No charges were issued, but the police notified that the investigations are ongoing.

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