USA: San Jose Police Serve 720 Citations and Seize 19 Cars for Sideshows

Block an intersection to create an arena where cars drift and perform maneuvers is an increasingly common activity in the United States. The police do their best to punish the creators of these spaces, although sometimes they face crowds of 1,000 people.

In this context, the police San Jose, California one of the cities most affected by the culture of sideshows acted strongly recently impound 19 cars and issue 720 citations.

These citations are not only directed at the drivers involved, but also at the spectators. Since 2019, a motion that supports a fine of up to $1,000 and six months in jail for bystanders who observe this crime.

The aforementioned repression occurred last Saturday at the intersection from Monterey Highway and Branham Lane when the police locked up dozens of vehicles. These cars were abandoned, two of them with reports of theft. also seized a ghost Gun,

As for the 19 drivers who saw their cars taken to the impound yard, they will have to deliver up to $4,000 to get them back.

Neighbors appear to be pleased with the police clampdown as stunt shows cause chaos in traffic, polluting acoustics and representing a danger.

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It’s just frustrating because it’s not just the noise, but also the safety because I have kids in the house and there have been times when [los participantes del espectáculo] They have fired weapons into the air.” April Bringas told ABC7.

In San José they began to install plastic speed bumps at intersections of the city to discourage skidding,

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