USA: Collision between school bus and truck leaves a dozen students injured in Indiana

USA: Collision between school bus and truck leaves a dozen students injured in Indiana

Nearly a dozen Chicago students were injured in a collision between a school bus Y truck in Warsaw, Indiana.

According to Univisión, 16 people were injured, three of them are in critical condition. The youngsters belong to the hockey team of St. Ignatius High School, Chicago.

There were 26 passengers on the bus, including the unit’s coaches and driver. The team returned to the hotel after playing a tournament of the discipline.

The reports before the impact between the truck and the bus

Prior to the accident, the driver of a tractor driving speeding and changing lanes. Patrols were on their way to stop the vehicle. when they received the accident report.

The accident occurred around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday at the US 30 intersection and the Center street. The bus was trying to turn when it was hit.

More than 15 people injured at the crash site

Paramedics rushed to the scene, reporting 15 people injured, most of them teenagers. The most serious were referred to a hospital in Fort Wayne.

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While the rest of the students, the coaches and the driver of the vehicle were taken to a area hospital. The local press indicates that one of the youths was projected from the bus.

Truck driver involved in crash fails field sobriety test

The police reported that the driver of the truck would have failed field sobriety test, which was done through a blood test. Officers reported a strong smell of alcohol when identifying himself as Victor Santos, 58 years old.

Authorities reported having obtained a warrant to carry the subject a a hospital where a blood sample will be taken. Given the results, a investigation for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Saints faces charges of driving while intoxicated and causing serious physical damage.

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