USA: Car drove through the front of a Wendy's, hitting a woman in South Carolina

USA: Car drove through the front of a Wendy’s, hitting a woman in South Carolina

A woman died after being struck by a vehicle driven by an elderly man crashed into a Wendy’s in South Carolina, local authorities reported.

Daniel Simon, The Lee County Sheriff explained that the accident occurred around 12:28 noon last Tuesday at the Wendy’s in Hartsville, South Carolina.

The first investigations revealed that the man crossed the front doors and entered the restaurant, pushing the counter towards a grill.

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In addition to the deceased woman, several others were injured and at least one person was trapped under the car.

Coroner Larry Logan said the victim was sitting inside the restaurant when she was struck and died instantly. The woman was identified as Janie Kirkland, 70.

Inside the car, the driver and passenger were unharmed. The identity of both has not been revealed and possible charges have not been reported.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office are handling the investigation.

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