Up for auction in McLaren P1 that was flooded in Florida by Hurricane Ian

Up for auction in McLaren P1 that was flooded in Florida by Hurricane Ian

Much damage was done as a result of the flooding caused by Hurricane Ian, although few are as special as the McLaren P1 which was previously discussed.

Now, the vehicle is about to be auctioned at Copart, those interested can get this copy for around one quarter of a million dollars.

However, this value is only an estimate, as it could change. What won’t change is his wild story. The flood occurred a week later that its owner bought it in Bring A Trailer.

The McLaren P1 at auction went viral on social media after it was affected by flooding. A video shows how the supercar floated into the garage where it was initially damaged.

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The storm was so strong that it swept the vehicle out of the garage and ended up slammed against a tree as the water continued to rush. Copart pictures show damage.

The windshield is shattered, the passenger side mirror chipped, and there is damage to the front splitter. However, the electrical system keeps running. The drivetrain sure has some glitches after being submerged under water.

Despite this, big players in the industry are interested in the car, Ed Bolian of Vinwiki and Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage are some of them. The first plans replace the drivetrain with something from another McLaren.

The auction doesn’t have a date at the moment, but it would be interesting to see this P1 back on the road, especially since they were only made 375 units.

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