Unicorn shot: a rare and exclusive Mazda MX-5 Type A Coupe could be yours

Unicorn shot: a rare and exclusive Mazda MX-5 Type A Coupe could be yours

When we think of the Mazda MX-5, that superb marriage between open-air sportiness and affordable price comes to mind. Well then, forget about both points -or at least the first part- with what today has become the indisputable protagonist, the Mazda MX-5 Type A, or what is the same, an exclusive coupé version of the NB that limited the Japanese firm to 200 units and of which one of them is for sale for 33,000 pounds.

Although it is true that the MX-5 has enjoyed innumerable special editions -and even more in the NB generation-, none of them is as rare and coveted as the Miata Coupé can be. We are talking about a body from which different versions were born, sthese being the Type S, Type E and Type Awhich concerns us today.

For $33,000 you can own one of 200 Mazda MX-5 Type A Coupe

To the exclusivity provided by the 200 units that were manufactured of the MX-5 Type A we must add that it was only marketed in Japan, so getting one out of your native country is quite a milestone. This one differed, in addition to renouncing to circulate in the open air, by a striking yellow paint, specific bumper, sills, covers for the headlights, splitter, wheel arches and a striking spoiler type ducktail in the rear

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In its bowels was the most powerful mechanical version of the Japanese sports car, that is, a 1.8-liter atmospheric four-cylinder that produced 140 hp and 162 Nm of torque. The main difference with respect to the MX-5 cabrio with said engine is that the Type A was managed by means of a manual box of six relationswhile that of the convertible had five gears.

The good thing about this closed roof version is that it only increased the weight by 10 kilos compared to a conventional MX-5. To this we must add greater torsional rigidity, which provides a more plumb and precise behavior than in the convertible variant. And yes, losing the chance to drive open-air in a Miata may be an outrage to many, but is it really so?

That is something that each one should value, especially if we have the ability to spend 33,000 pounds on a fancy car, or what is the same, 38,453 euros to change. And it is that in this specific case we would take unit number 10 of 200 Mazda MX-5 Type A Coupe that exist in the world.

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In addition, it should be noted that the unit in question shows an immaculate state, both exterior and interior. And is not for less, since the Type A that can be ours has traveled only 8,695 kilometersmaking it clear that it has been a full-fledged garage queen during these last 18 years. It must be clarified that the MX-5 in question currently resides in Hong Kong, so if you acquire it in order to bring it to Spain, you would have to face not only the transportation, but also the headache of registering a car on homeland. with Japanese code.

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