Ubisoft would already be working on a rival to Forza Horizon and Test Drive Unlimited


With Forza Motorsport grabbing the headlines last week despite not having resolved the question of its release date, other competitors are looking to carve out a niche in a completely promising 2023 in terms of virtual racing. This is the case of Ubisoft, which in theory is working on a title called to claim that position among open world video games, a theme that on Xbox/PC seems to be completely monopolized by Forza Horizon to date.

It is at this point where Ubisoft she seems determined to claim a piece of the pie. Together with the developer of Ivory Towerthe company seems to be ready to give the green light to the presentation of the natural successor to The Crew, a new title that since practically last October had been called with the internal code of ‘Project Orlando’ and of which many details were unknown at the moment. It was expected that This could be the next installment of the saga, specifically The Crew 3but everything seems to indicate that the gala company is behind a rebranding.

Five years have passed since the launch of The Crew 2 (May 2018, while The Crew hit stores in December 2014), so the times that Ubisoft has always handled point to the launch of a new racing title. once it seems have completely exhausted all that flow of seasons and DLC’s through which all the content of the second installment has been expanded with new vehicles, events and game modes.


At the moment there is no official confirmation, but everything indicates that instead of The Crew 3, it would skip the chronological order to be baptized with the name of ‘Motorfest’, precisely a theme very similar to that presented by one of its rivals, including Forza Horizon itself. Rumors suggest that at first could have been designed as a new Downloadable Content Packbut that finally it has been decided to create a completely new game around this idea, in this case with the island of Oahu, Hawaii as the main framework in which all the action would take place.

When can the new The Crew Motorfest arrive?

From Insider Gaming they pointed out that should arrive by next fiscal year, which should frame it in a release that should arrive between April 2023 and March 2024, although it would not be surprising if with episode 2 of season 7 already released for The Crew 2, little by little the title begins to say goodbye to and to give way to a new open-world racing video game and very oriented to a more arcade and casual style driving.

The E3 of this 2023 is scheduled for mid-June, so it would not be ruled out that a few weeks before this new driving title can already be seen, as well as other proposals that we have previously highlighted, among which should highlight precisely TDU Solar Crown, the final date of Forza Motorsport or the new era of the WRC and EA Sports. For now, an image leaked this past weekend and subsequently withdrawn due to a “rights owner claim” has only fueled this feeling that something new is cooking.

If all this were fulfilled, we would all have a rival to Test Drive Unlimitedtoo curiously based on an island like Hong Kongcompletely explorable, while the selection of Oahu by Motorfest, would be a kind of return to the origins of TDU, whose part of the original team is currently working for Ivory Tower and also chose the Hawaiian island as the protagonist of the title of 2006-07.


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