Two stray dogs prevented motorcycles from assaulting a man (+ Video)

Two stray dogs prevented motorcycles from assaulting a man
Image courtesy of Profile – Two stray dogs prevented motorcycles from assaulting a man

Two stray dogs they prevented some motojets from assaulting a manwho was pointed at with a gun. The incident took place last Sunday, October 16 in Jose Leon Suarez, city of the district of General San Martín, northern area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires. The heroines of this story are named Malvina Y Sofiasome street dogs that are cared for by all the residents of the area.

The attempted robbery was recorded on a security camera. In the images captured in video you can see the two assailants aboard a motorcycle, driving at high speed down the street where the pets rested. It was when they reached the corner that they turned around in order to rob Daniel, a neighbor of the neighborhood.

The street dogs that prevented motojets from assaulting a man

First one of the subjects got off the motorcycle and pointed a gun at the victim. But it was at that moment that the bitches reacted, starting to bark desperately. In an attempt to stop the dogs, the thug yelled at them “out, out«.

But Malvina and Sofria did not back down and continued to confront the offender, who had no other option than to desist from committing the crime. For this reason, he got on the motorcycle and escaped with his companion.

Once the criminals fled, Daniel appeared to congratulate the four-legged heroines. Him caressing them while he told them: «Good, good, very good. All right, girls.”

Malvina and Sofía, the heroine dogs

According to the residents of the area, Sofia and Malvina are mother and daughter, and that they defended Daniel, who is a resident of the neighborhood, and who takes care of them in addition to feeding them. They commented that although they open the doors of the houses and have small beds, they prefer the blankets that are placed on the sidewalk.

If it wasn’t for the bitches, I don’t know what would have happened”, Daniel told the press. The neighbor explained that “Malvina was lying in the sun and the motorcycle passed by. I didn’t see her on the motorcycle when she passed and Malvina did notice her. When she passed the motorcycle, she came to my side. The motorcycle did half a block and then they were exchanged because the one who was driving later wanted to rob me.

“The bitches know when there is a guy who is not a good person, a lot of people pass by here and they do nothing to them. When the guy approached me, he went up in smokeThey went out to attack,” he added. Regarding the attempted robbery, he assured that the criminal “aimed at his head” and that he did not fear for his life, because “it’s just a second, you don’t have time to think about anything.”

About the dogs, he commented that “they were from a neighbor who moved out and left them on the street”. So now they stay in what would be like the front garden of Daniel’s house, which placed an awning on them in order to protect them during rainy days. “As they were left alone on the street, I began to feed them. I couldn’t bring them into my house because I don’t have a place, I already have dogs, but I can at least feed them. They stayed there, “he closed.


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