Turn up the volume and enjoy a ride at 300 km/h with a 1,000 hp Nissan Skyline GT-R R32


Does it need an introduction? atomic Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 Today? This sports car was the technical oracle in which any modern high-performance car looks today. It was launched on the market in 1989, and to this day, its RB26DETT engine has an absolutely legendary status – especially in the world of preparations. That is why we cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy a prepared Skylinesetting fire to the perfect asphalt of the German Autobahn.

The car in question is a unit with extreme preparation. The biggest change is that its RB26DETT engine has lost one of its two turbos, replacing it with a single larger turbo. The power It goes from 280 CV as standard to a tremendous 1,000 CV. The gearbox is no longer a five-speed manual, it is now a sequential type and has an additional relationship. The rest of its undercarriage components have been reinforced and improved accordingly. The AutoTOP NL tester has decided to explore his top speed on the Autobahn.

The six-cylinder engine of the “Godzilla” has a very characteristic and special sound.

The way the car gains speed is hypnotic, lightning fast and effortless. A curious detail is that the speedometer of the car only reaches 180 km/h – the reason is this – and the needle turns below that speed without effort. The car sounds like pure glory and it touches 300 km/h on several occasions, only apparently limited by the short development of his sixth march. In any case, we recommend that you turn up the volume on your speakers or headphones and enjoy this delicious mechanical symphony.

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