Toyota’s most anticipated SUV arrives this year, with a large trunk and, of course, an ECO label


There is less and less left for the arrival of what will undoubtedly be one of the great releases of the year. Toyota has established itself as the leading brand in Spain, the one that sells the most cars, by far, and the one that has wrested hegemony from brands like SEAT, casting its products on the best-seller lists.

A leadership more than deserved. For years, Toyota has opted for the electrification of its range, preparing the most complete range of hybrids on the market, with a wide variety of models and displaying technology that, today, is precisely what the Spanish buyer is looking for.

While in other European countries sales of fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids are growing at a good pace. In Spain, its sales continue to be almost testimonial and, at this rate, it will be difficult to meet the transition objectives towards the electric car that have been set from Europe. At the moment, we only have one thing clear, what we Spaniards can and want to buy are hybrid and non-electric cars.


Toyota will launch a new SUV this year, of course hybrid and with an ECO label

Toyota’s new SUV, of course hybrid and with an ECO label

AND that is precisely what Toyota continues to provide, with the launch this year of a new SUV that should occupy an important place in its range. A practical, spacious SUV with a good trunk, but without reaching the size and space of a Toyota RAV4 that has a price from €39,950.

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The Toyota Corolla Cross – despite its name – will be an SUV with a very different aesthetic from the Toyota Corolla, which with a 433-liter trunk will not be as spacious as a RAV4, which reaches 490 liters in capacity, but more spacious than the Toyota Yaris Cross, with 390 liters of capacity.

We don’t know its price yet. But we have been able to make some estimates knowing the price of the Toyota Corolla Cross in other European markets where its marketing has already begun, considering that it should be between €28,650 for the Toyota C-HR and €39,950 for the Toyota RAV4. Probably a price in the region of €31,000 and €35,000. Although the escalation of prices that is being experienced in new cars and in which Toyota models are also being plunged, could make their price higher.

The alternative for which there is no waiting

We said that Toyota is dominating the best-seller lists in Spain. If we look at the top 10 best-selling hybrid cars in January, we find that the leader, without question, is the Toyota C-HR. Probably the best alternatives to the Toyota Corolla Cross, if we do not want to wait for its launch, are the Toyota Yaris Cross from €24,925 and the Own Toyota C-HR from €28,650which you can see in these images.

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