Toyota Previa: the mid-engine supercar that was a van

toyota previa It’s a mid-engined supercar. Toyotawhich was previously a van.

toyota previa

Toyota wanted his first real minivan, the Previous. However, for many it was not an option.

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It featured a mid-engined inline-four with an excellent weight ratio and a lower center of gravity. Quite spacious inside.


Why was the Toyota Previa minivan built?

In the 1980s, minivans emerged Dodge Caravan Y plymouth voyager of Chrysler. Before that only commercial vans existed, despite the development of minivans in Ford. After its massive sales, all brands began to develop this type of truck.

What else was innovative about the Toyota Previa minivan?

Toyota took a different approach than Chrysler, starting with the smooth, rounded surfaces of the bodywork and the expanse of glass.

Before the vans carried the engine between the front seats. A large box hid the engine with pockets for glasses and maps.

Pickup trucks in the late 1960s and 1970s were rear-wheel drive with the chassis of a half-ton truck. With compact vehicle front-wheel drive powertrains. The previous no.

What kind of performance did he have?

With the engine low in the middle of the van, Toyota put the power back. The Previous It is a rear wheel drive minivan. The models ford aerostarWhat dustbusters Y chevrolet astro They were rear wheel drive.

The transmission led this model to resemble a Porsche with a five-speed manual transmission. A gear split for a 138-hp motor with 154 pound-feet of torque.

Toyota knew that he “rolling egg” it required more by adding a supercharger in 1994. For seven more horsepower.

The Ford Taurus broke the norm and arrived in the mid-1980s. Four more years for the Chrysler and the Ford Mustang.

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