Toyota Hilux H2 prototype uses FCEV technology: an electric pick-up with Mirai technology

Toyota Hilux H2 Concept
Image courtesy of – Toyota Hilux H2 prototype

Toyota commercializes the second generation of the Miraia high-end sedan with a hydrogen fuel cell, although the manufacturer still does not intend to give up traditional combustion, especially outside of Europe. Even so, the Japanese have been working with a combustion engine adapted to work with this chemical element for some months.

A block of three cylinders and 1.6 liters on board the technological demonstrator GR Yaris Hydrogen, which is being tested in competition in the Japanese racing series “Super Taikyu”, since the previous year, with promising results before entering series production. However, this system is different from the one found in the Toyota Hilux H2 Concept hydrogen recently revealed, since it uses a fuel cell adapted for mounting in its pick up van.

Toyota Hilux H2 Concept

The technical diagram of the prototype shows the new location of the gas storage tanks: three units between the passenger compartment and the cargo box, arranged longitudinally, with the fuel cell on top, an electric motor on the front and another on the axle. butt counting all wheel drive. The powertrain of the Toyota Mirai, demonstrating that the system can adapt to other types of different models of the saloon

Toyota Hilux H2 concept car with FCEV technology
Image courtesy of – Toyota Hilux H2 prototype with FCEV technology

The Japanese manufacturer confirmed that will produce a small series of units in 2023, at its British factory in Burnaston, after manufacturing a prototype. The purpose is to carry out a pilot test in order to evaluate the possibilities of the market of the electric pick-up with FCEV technology, which has not been explored by any other manufacturer. This would be an important advance that does not restrict the marketing of these models only to batteries.

A pick-up with FCEV technology

Toyota shows again that it is not a conformist brand. What for many may be nonsense, for Toyota is the opposite. And it is that, the choice of the Hilux sure wasn’t randomLet’s remember that this is an important model in terms of sales in the United Kingdom. So developing a hydrogen-powered Hilux is not meaningless. It is just the answer to customer demands, due to the fact that its long autonomy is free of emissions. But for the moment we have to hope that it will be this pick-up with hydrogen instead of the heavy batteries, so stay tuned.

Toyota Hilux H2 Hydrogen Concept
Image courtesy of – Toyota Hilux H2 Hydrogen prototype


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