Toyota Dominates List Of Cars That Survive Far Beyond 200,000 Miles


With vehicle prices still at record highs, drivers are holding on to their old cars longer than ever. A recent study from iSeeCars dives deeper into the high-mileage car market, surveying more than two million mainstream vehicles over 20 years to see which makes and models have lasted the longest. In this case, mainstream means the model sold for at least those 10 years. And one automaker stands above the rest.

That company is Toyota, though that doesn’t seem surprising. Japanese automakers have earned a reputation for longevity over the decades, and this research helps explain why. In the ranking of the top 20 vehicles for the longest potential life, Toyota holds no less than half. It was well ahead of Honda’s second place, landing three vehicles on the list. Ford, GMC and Chevrolet tied for third with two vehicles each. Nissan has only cut with one vehicle, the hot-selling Titan which could end production soon.

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Toyota holds six spots in the top 10, starting with Sequoia at number one. Studies show the potential lifespan of this SUV is 296,509 miles – far longer than the second place vehicle which is also a Toyota, this time the Land Cruiser with 280,236 miles. Chevrolet scored third at 265,732 miles with the Suburban, and its GMC Yukon XL brothers took fifth at 252,360 miles. The Toyota Tundra separates them in fourth with 256,022 miles.


The rest of the top 10 includes the Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Tahoe, Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Avalon and Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Ford’s best showing was the Expedition in 11th place. Nissan Titan occupies the 18th position. At the bottom is the Toyota Camry Hybrid with a potential lifespan of 230,547 miles.

Say potency used freely in research. The longevity of a vehicle is of course dependent on a variety of factors beyond the purview of the automaker, with ride style and maintenance being the most significant.

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