This Porsche 911 will offend many purists, but we love it (+ video)


Apparently, the car that stars in this video is a Porsche 911 GT3 of the 997 generation. However, the car was born as a Carrera S, to which the bumpers and aerodynamic kit of the GT3 of the time were later attached. So far everything more or less normal. However, everything changes when we open the hood. Instead of a six-cylinder boxer engine we find… a four cylinder of Honda origin. a K24 armed to the teeth, equally capable of delivering massive performance and offending a legion of purists.

Honda’s K20 and K24 family are ubiquitous engines, mounted on millions of cars. In recent years they have become ideal engines for swaps and extreme boosts. They are cheap, very reliable and very robust: it is easy to get close to 500 hp, reliable, without reinforcing their internal components. The K24 of this Porsche 911 began its existence mounted on a Honda Civic Si from the year 2014, developing a power of 205 hp without the need for supercharging. It now has a huge turbocharger, and develops approximately 500 hp.

The name that the owner has given it is Porsche K997. Very appropriate.

This engine maintains a standard block and cylinder head, and the electronics have been made to measure by its owner, who specializes in preparing this type of engine. It is the first time that a K24 has been made to work properly in a Porsche 997. The engine is light and improves the weight distribution of the car, in addition to turning at a high speed and offering enormous doses of power. The manual gearbox is the one that the Carrera S had, and the entire instrument panel works perfectly. The brakes come from a GT3.

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It is a car with a perfectly executed preparation. And no purist should be offended. This is going to be a real petrolhead.


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