This Mazda RX-7 Has the Most Unlikely Heart Transplant, and You Need to Know It

This Mazda RX-7 Has the Most Unlikely Heart Transplant, and You Need to Know It

The Mazda RX-7 The star of this video is a first-generation unit, similar to the one we tested a few years ago at the Mazda Museum in Augsburg, in Germany. A small sports car whose rotary engine had two rotors, a displacement of just over a liter and 110 HP of power. The reliability and durability of these classic rotaries was not their forte, and many units ended up succumbing to lack of maintenance and breakdowns. Others, like the case of this unit, were prey to engine swap. Perhaps the most unlikely swap we have ever seen.

A swap that is practically at the level of the Jeep with a 6.5 hp mower engine. The car, which has been featured on the interesting Junkyard Digs YouTube channel, is powered by a two cylinders, 800 cubic centimeters, 160 CV and two times of a snowmobile. You read it right, indeed. The sound is really characteristic, as well as the smoke from the engine. The really curious thing is that the two-stroke engine is connected to the continuous variator with belt and centrifugal clutch of the snowmobile, but also to the gearbox of the car.

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It’s one of the most unlikely engine swaps we’ve seen in a long time.

Therefore, we have a continuous variator with five final developments, depending on the desired acceleration. The car develops around 80 HP of power in third gear, and is even capable of skidding with some ease. However, the level of vibrations and the volume of the engine seem really unbearable, and they seem to be directly related to how much fun the car is to drive. In the video that we have left on these lines you will be able to know everything about this project, listen to it and see it in motion.

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