This is what happens when you buy the cheapest turbo on Amazon for a PT Cruiser (+ video)


When we talk about pages like Amazon, we can find thousands of products for our car, including some of dubious quality or effectiveness. And although it is true that reviews help, a video of someone trying all those elements that nobody dares to buy is much more intuitive. And that someone is OVERDRIVE, an English YouTube channel that has dared to buy the cheapest turbo available on Amazon and install it in its particular guinea pig, a Chrysler PT Cruiser.

And it is that our protagonists have a video thread dedicated solely and exclusively to testing components in the little-loved American compact. But the final climax comes with what promises to be the cheapest turbo on Amazon, a category that it acquires by offering for a more than interesting 132 pounds, which has been 148 euros to change.

This Happens When You Install Amazon’s Cheapest Turbo On A PT Cruiser

But before proceeding with the installation, the folks at OVERDRIVE take the PT Cruiser to a dyno to find out for sure how much power it currently makes. And after a run-in with some bad pads, which for many is one of the worst automotive creations of the 21st century. manages to declare 119 CV and 174 Nm of torque.

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But the truth is that to improve these figures, not only a turbo is enough and that’s it, but also you need a specific kit to transform an atmospheric PT Cruiser into a supercharged car. This implies an outlay of 1,330 pounds, the equivalent of 1,491 euros, to which must be added that youtubers have been the first to buy a transformation kit for a Chyrsler PT Cruiser. Or what is the same, added emotion.

After not a few problems to install the turbo in the bowels of the compact, the OVERDRIVE guys go back to the power bank. Lots of black smoke and a few pops later, the Chrysler PT Cruiser develops 164 hp and 218 Nm of torque. It’s certainly not a daunting difference, but let it all be for science.

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