This is the universal kit that transforms classic cars into electric ones in Europe

A German company developed a universal kit that transforms classic cars into electric ones, for the Old Continent.

New universal kit that will modify classic cars

The restomod it is a process that came to be installed. It is based on removing the original combustion engine from old cars to “transplant them” a modern and sustainable electrical mechanics.

In Europe several companies have specialized in this type of reconditioning and offer their customers a great advantage. They can keep their classic cars turning them into an ecological transport, zero emissions and with free access to cities.

The company electrical, based in the English town of Kidlington, took a step forward by developing some transformation kits that are used for any model to perform the electrical conversion.

a reversible process

Among the models that are already on the list for their transformation, there are true icons such as the Porsche 356C Y 911the Jaguar E-Typethe Citroen DSthe Volkswagen Beetle or the rolls royce Silver Shadow.


The transformation you have proposed electrical it is very simple, due to the compact design of the module and several components that facilitate its adaptation to the chassis. Being a totally reversible process.

The kit includes all the necessary elements: electric motor, control unit, battery with its corresponding energy management system together with specific digital instruments that allow selecting parameters such as the energy recovery system and the three programmed driving modes (Sport, Eco or City).

Powers on demand

Depending on what the client wishes and based on the car model, the available powers range from the 107 CV of the most popular models, such as the volkswagen beetle, to 322 CV for the sportiest model, the Porsche 911.

The batteries can vary their capacity depending on the desired autonomy, from between 52 and 93 kWh. They will also be able to receive charges with alternating current (6.6 kW) or continuous current (up to 100 kW).

electrical markets the kit to order worldwide and installation can be done by any trained mechanic.

The prices vary according to the specifications and the model of the car, a kit to electrify the Land Rover Defender in its different generations, with a 120 CV module and a 52 kWh battery, it costs 27,750 euros.

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