This is the new Enduro Bimota

This is the new Enduro Bimota

With the off-road motorcycle sector booming, Bimota did not want to be less than the others and has put on the enduro suit to give us a very pleasant surprise. It also helps that Bimota has been bought by a certain Japanese brand.

And it is that in this last room of the EICMA has presented the new Enduro BX 450 4T, a motorcycle that is under the clothes of Bimota, a Kawasaki KX 450X. But this Kaawasaki has received a few changes, some insignificant and merely aesthetic, and others, however, very interesting.

As for the changes undergone, the first thing that is obvious is that the colors are not the usual from Kawasaki. wearing the colors of the Italian flag, this Bimota looks very nice, also it has been modified the escape, now being an Arrowthe fuel tank has been increased up to 10.7 liters of capacity, but the original 6.2-liter tank is delivered with the motorcycle, so if you don’t have to make long runs, we can change it by choosing between one or the other.

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In addition, the Bimota BX 450 comes with a CDI that is different from the stock of the Kawasaki KX, this CDI is programmable and has a variety of maps for engine management. This is already a huge advantage over the original. Another detail is that the Bimota BX 450 has an electric fan system, thing that the KX does not have installed, another detail that adds a plus in this modified version.

According to the Director General of Kawasaki Spain, this improved model will arrive in Spain in a series of few units (which could be more if demand is appropriate) in 2023, probably early. As for the price, it has not been said exactly what it will be, only that will be consistent with that of the competition for superior finish and prestige.

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