This is the large, automatic, most equipped and cheap SUV for €23,790


It is bigger and is more equipped as standard than a SEAT Ateca. But it is cheaper, even with a 162 hp gasoline engine and automatic transmission.

The irruption of MG has started a whole turmoil in the Spanish market and, above all, has put on the table the need to have cheap cars at a time when buying a new car – but also second hand – it is more and more expensive and more and more difficulteither due to the waiting times in factory orders for the former, and the limited supply of the latter.

If a SEAT Ateca starts with a price of €24,540he MG HS price stands at €22,990standing at €23,790 if we choose it with automatic transmission.


The MG HS is one of the cheapest SUVs of its size, but also more equipped, especially if we choose it with an automatic transmission that is an extra of only €800

A large SUV, automatic and very equipped as standard

The MG HS is available with a 1.5 Turbo GDI gasoline engine, with 162 HP of power and 250 Nm. This engine can be associated with a manual gearbox or an automatic gearbox. If the gasoline MG HS with manual transmission is already at much lower prices than its rivals, if we take into account its size and standard equipment, the gasoline MG HS with automatic transmission is in an even more competitive position. , since the price of configuring the automatic transmission is only €800.

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Its standard equipment includes:

If we set the luxury version (€25,590 with manual transmission and €26,390 with automatic transmission) the following equipment is added:

  • Sport design seats and leather upholstery
  • Panoramic sunroof, opening
  • electric tailgate
  • 18″ wheels
  • 360º parking camera

Looking for a large, well-equipped SUV

As we told you, the MG HS starts with a price of €22,990, which requires financing the purchase. One of the biggest handicaps of this model, without a doubt, is that it is marketed with a mechanism that receives the C label, at a time when more and more buyers point to the different options that exist on the market with the ECO label.

But It can also be purchased in a plug-in hybrid version.and with the Zero Emissions label, with a plug-in hybrid MG EHS with a price starting at €27,980, including all promotions, discounts for financing and, of course, aid from the MOVES Plan.

Among the existing alternatives in the market, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • With a similar size and being the best-selling car in Spain, the Hyundai Tucson starts from €27,125 and therefore more expensive. But it is also a high-quality product and, at the moment, the benchmark in its category. With automatic transmission, its price amounts to €35,775 (ECO label diesel) and €37,575 (ECO label gasoline).
  • He DFSK 580 is priced at €24,995 and it is somewhat more expensive. But, unlike the MG HS, you can have a third row of seats and therefore 7 seats.
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