this is the electric future of Toyota


Toyota has arrived loaded with news at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2022. After presenting the new Toyota Prius 2023, it has been the turn of a concept that is called to mark the line that the manufacturer’s compact and electric SUVs will follow in the future Japanese. The bZ (Beyond Zero) family welcomes the Toyota bZ Compact SUV.

The brand has not given much information about it, but it would be a prototype with which it would search anticipate your possible entry into one of the most competitive segments: that of compact SUVs… and, in the future, electric. With it, the brand wants to show how they understand electric cars: zero-emission vehicles, attractive and fun to drive.

The next bZ?

Probably, the Toyota bZ Compact SUV will end up giving rise to a production model, since it has a great resemblance to the rest of its relatives. Toyota’s current plan is to launch five vehicles within the bZ family: the Toyota bZ4X is already a reality and the Toyota bZ3 too, although, for now, only for China. The new model would be located below the Toyota bZ4X.

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And it is that the Toyota executives themselves would be hinting at a production version. David Christ, vice president of the brand, assured that “the bZ Concept shows another possible vision of a very near future for our electric vehicles. Of course, they have not given technical data: we can only analyze its aesthetics.

true to style

While remaining faithful to the style of the bZ family, the Toyota bZ Compact SUV is committed to an aggressive and athletic exterior design with sharp lines, angular moldings and deep creases. Some elements, as we said, are familiar: an example of this is the boomerang-shaped headlamps and connected by a horizontal strip that ends the entire width of the car.

Highlights the two-tone bodywork with a dark roof and completely round wheel arches and very short overhangs: under them, the wheels are located, practically, at the ends seeking to improve aerodynamics. When it comes to an electric vehicle, air resistance is always sought to be minimal to maximize autonomy: in this case, Toyota speaks of a low coefficient of resistance.

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The roof line is low and leads to a rear with square lines that give it a slightly sportier look. It also has little details like the third brake light, which is located on the small shark fin which houses the antenna.

An assistant for everyone

For the interior of the Toyota bZ Compact SUV, we have opted for the minimalism without losing sight of the line followed by the Toyota bZ4X. Following its sustainable character, the passenger compartment has elements made with recyclable materials and of plant origin, such as the seats.

Focus is spread between the yoke-style steering wheel and the displays. The Toyota bZ Compact SUV has one for the digital instrument panel (10.3 inches) and another central one (which measures 14 inches and is curved), where the infotainment system is located. At the bottom of it are the shortcuts to the car controls and Yui the personal assistant trained to attend to the voice commands of any of the five occupants.

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