This is the 7-seater SUV with a 570-liter boot that you can buy for €379/month


I have to admit that, in the process of preparing this article, I was tempted to choose a headline in which I defined the SUV that we are going to talk about as a true low-cost premium SUV. And I will also admit that I have omitted that headline, because it seemed too daring to talk about a product that is very far from the price range that most buyers who find ourselves in the process of deciding to buy a new car can access.

But if we analyze it carefully, we will see that this car complies to the letter with what one expects from a low-cost product or, rather, from a smart purchase. Mercedes-Benz decided to create an SUV with a very attractive price for its size and, above all, the space it offers. An SUV that is able to accommodate up to 7 passengers and with a 570 liter trunk in 5-seater configuration.

And if we analyze the Mercedes-Benz range, or the alternatives of its rivals, we will discover that to find an SUV of its size and space, the alternatives will be at least €10,000 more expensive.


The Mercedes GLB is an SUV that can accommodate up to 7 passengers, with a 570-liter boot in a 5-seater configuration and a significantly lower price than other high-end SUVs of its size.

A 7-seater SUV and a large trunk from €43,424

The Mercedes GLB is available from €43,424. Being significantly larger and more spacious than a Mercedes GLA that starts from €40,897. Consider that other premium SUVs of its size are significantly more expensive, such as the Mercedes GLC that starts at close to €60,000, and the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 that are close to €55,000.

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Depending on the version chosen, the third row of seats – which is optional – has an added cost of between €1,140 and €1,232. It is also important to highlight that This SUV has diesel and gasoline engines between 136 CV and 306 CV. Its biggest handicap being the lack of micro-hybrid engines with which it could have an ECO label. Although it is true, Mercedes has an EQB that is electric and, therefore, has a Zero Emissions label.

Its biggest advantage, a very reasonable price for its size, its biggest drawback, the absence of micro-hybrid or hybrid engines and therefore versions with an ECO label

Premium 7-seater SUV for €379/month, under what conditions?

At the time of writing this article, Mercedes-Benz had an offer with a financing plan for €379/month that is not for the most affordable Mercedes GLB, but for a Mercedes GLB 200 d, diesel, with automatic transmission and 150 HP of power, equipped with AMG Line, Night and Advantage packages and with the third row of seats. With this offer, Mercedes-Benz offers a financing price of €49,628, and €51,892 in cash.

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The financing plan of €379 per month is 48 installments (a minimum stay of 24 months), with an entry of €15,444.67, an opening commission of 2.99% (€1,022), TIN 8.85% , APR 10.29% and final fee of €27,105. The total amount owed is €46,319 and the total price paying in installments, including interest and commissions, now amounts to €61,764.

This financing plan is also a multi-option, so that at the end of the credit the customer is offered three possibilities for his third installment: pay it and finally acquire the car, change the vehicle for another Mercedes-Benz, or simply return it. The condition that Mercedes-Benz offers to subscribe to this multi-option financing plan is to drive a maximum of 20,000 kilometers per year.

If we analyze the Existing alternatives in the Mercedes-Benz range, and in that of its rivalswe quickly realize that to find another premium SUV with 7 seats, or with a comparable boot, we will need a much higher budget than we would to buy a GLB:

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