This is still the best economic purchase with an ECO label, from €12,040 it is the king of cheap cars


The last year has been that of the confirmation of MG Motor as one of the most important manufacturers of the current scene. For two reasons. The first, to have a car that today has no rival, because no brand is currently capable of offering an SUV of its size and space, as equipped as the MG ZS available from €13,990.

Second, a range of reasonably priced electric vehicles that, like the MG 4 from €20,480 (including discounts and aid from the MOVES Plan) have ensured that this brand that produces its cars in China is able to offer electric cars at the price of diesel and gasoline.

But what about the king of budget cars? Has the reign of Dacia ended?


The Dacia are no longer so cheap, but in economic cars with an ECO label they continue to offer one of the most complete and, above all, affordable ranges on the market

The king of cheap cars

There was a time when we could buy a Dacia Sandero for less than €17,000. At the time of writing this article, the The cheapest Dacia Sandero started at €12,040 (with the €1,000 discount for financing the purchase) and €13,040 in cash.

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How did we arrive at these prices? The Dacia Sandero is one of the best examples to explain car inflation and why new cars are getting more expensive. The reasons to explain its price increase are the following:

  1. The rise in prices is temporary. The price of new cars has increased, in all cases. And Dacia has also been immersed in this price escalation, for reasons that have affected the entire industry (production bottlenecks due to a shortage of semiconductors and other components, more expensive processes, raw materials and logistics…)
  2. A generational change with which the Dacia Sandero has made an important leap in quality. The Sandero is less and less that cheap car of yesteryear, with a very modest perceived quality. And it is getting closer to other general utility
  3. Disappearance of “bare” access ranges of equipment. The cheapest Dacia Sandero is more equipped than before

The best economic purchase with the ECO label

As we told you, it has merit that MG is marketing an MG ZS from €13,990when the cheapest Dacia Sandero Stepway starts at €14,170 with discount for financing and €15,170 in cash. But here is the great advantage of Dacia. The Sandero Stepway that is available with this offer price already includes, as standard, a 100 CV bifuel LPG mechanism with which it receives the ECO label.

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If we opt for the “normal” Dacia Sandero and not its Stepway version, we find that the price of the cheapest Sandero is €12,640 with a discount for financing and €13,640 in cash.

Dacia Duster, Jogger and Sandero Stepway range.

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