This hilarious duel Chevrolet vs. Ford battles it out on a drag strip

Chevrolet and Ford have been rival companies for nearly a century. At the competition level, but especially at the commercial level. The battle is especially bloody in the United States, and it is specifically in the pick-up segment. Ford has been winning the trade battle for decades, but the war is getting tighter. And it is so bloody that on this occasion, Hoonigan has entered the fray and has faced two very – but very – similar pick-ups in a hilarious race of acceleration that you should not miss.

On one side of the ring we have a 2019 Ford F-150 XL, in whose entrails beats a 5.0 V8 Coyote engine to which a huge volumetric compressor has been mounted. The owner claims that he develops about 850 or 900 hp and is possibly lying like a miscreant. On the other side of the ring is a Mexican Chevrolet Cheyenne of the year 2010, with a 6.0-liter Vortec engine that has gained an additional 0.8 liters and a gigantic turbocharger, reaching 1,000 horsepower. Both pick-ups are 4×4 and both have slicks for drag racing. The battle is served.

Who could live in America, right?

Both cars are terrifyingly fast, but the Chevrolet seems to be marginally quicker, perhaps because of its three-speed automatic gearbox – ideal for these races – and a 200kg lighter weight. However, everything changes when the owner of the F-150 is allowed to install a nitrous oxide kit that provides about 150 hp in a timely manner. With an identical launch, and despite the fact that the Cheyenne also carries nitrous oxide, it clearly imposes itself. Three acceleration races that we strongly recommend you savor.

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