This 1997 Plymouth Neon Has 11k Miles, Signature From Super Bowl Champs


Football fans most likely remember Super Bowl XXXI. Played on January 26, 1997, it brought the Green Bay Packers a very Super Bowl drought by beating the New England Patriots 35-21. Meanwhile, a vehicle that most car enthusiasts will likely forget is in the mix – the 1997 Plymouth Neon in Espresso trim, painted green with gold trim. Considering Pac’s colors are green and gold, you might see where this is going.

According to Chris VanKilsdonk at Wholesale CV in Green Bay, the Neon color combo was noticed by local casinos. It was purchased by the casino for use as a promotional giveaway in 1997, but not before being signed by the Super Bowl XXXI champion. That includes legendary quarterback and hall-of-famer Brett Farve, who led the team to victory that year. In an e-mail to, VanKilsdonk explains a Wisconsin resident won a car at a casino and kept it in a garage for the past 26 years, accumulating 11,000 miles. It is trading on CV Wholesale, and will hit the auction block soon Bring Trailers.

As far as Neon goes, this example is well chosen. It is listed as a Highline model with the Espresso appearance package which, along with Espresso graphics, includes a decklid spoiler and power bulge hood, among others. Under the bulging hood is a DOHC version of the naturally aspirated Chrysler 2.0-liter four-cylinder making 150 horsepower. That’s not a bad number for four pots of NA in 2023; back then it helped Neon garner a popular following on the club racing scene thanks to its power and zealous suspension. This is a follower that still exists today.

With lots of NFL player signatures in the trunk and an automatic transmission shifting gears, this ultra-low-range Neon doesn’t seem like a good autocross candidate. But it could make for a wicked cool collection for the diehard Packers fan. To the dealer’s credit, the photos on the online listing highlight some minor paint scratches and dents in the surface which might be taken as normal wear and tear. The photo below shows a clean undercarriage, and the brown cloth interior looks 90s-like. The car also comes with its original manual and some maintenance documents.

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It’s hard to say if there are any first-generation Neons left in the world with this low a mileage. But it’s safe not to have an autograph from a Super Bowl championship team.


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