They catch thieves doing dangerous maneuvers to steal gas cylinders from moving trucks in Vespucio Sur (+Video)

criminals steal Gas cylinders of a moving truck that was transporting them, in the middle of the Vespucio Sur highway, putting the drivers at risk.

Gas cylinders are stolen by anti-socials from a truck

Drivers recorded a scene in the middle of the Vespucio Sur highway, when a group of thieves got on a moving truck that was carrying gas cylinders to proceed to steal them, throwing them from the unit against the pavement. This action could have caused a terrible traffic accident.

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The video shows how the subjects take the gas cylinders and throw them against the highway pavement without caring about the possible consequences, and then take them from the road and escape with them.


The drivers had to slow down and avoid the gas cylinders that, upon impact with the ground, could explode and cause a serious road accident.

The authorities investigate the fact and try to find the whereabouts of the anti-socials. With reckless actions like these, terrible accidents happen. The people who caused the incident are fugitives from the law, but if they are arrested they will be charged with the aggravated crime.

Drivers traveling on the highway had to take measures to avoid colliding with the cylinders thrown from the moving truck.

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