These are the 10 best-selling car brands in Spain and a reflection of the success of hybrids

We are buying more and more hybrid cars.. And that is precisely the reflection that confirms the situation of the Spanish market and the image that the best-selling brands in our country leave us so far this year.

Hybrids – not plug-in – already represent one out of every four passenger cars registered in Spain. And of the 666,247 cars that have been registered this year, in the accumulated until October inclusive, 192,224 used hybrid or micro-hybrid systems and, of these, 24,811 diesel micro-hybrid systems. The ECO label, and the prospect of traffic restrictions in cities, due to the introduction of new Low Emission Zones, has become one of its best claims.

However, What have been the 10 best-selling car brands in Spain?

Hybrids already represent a quarter of the Spanish market and are one of the keys to Toyota’s success in becoming the best-selling brand

Toyota Corolla, 4th by volume of registrations in Spain in 2022.

The best-selling car brands in Spain

Toyota (60,419 units) continues to lead the market with authority andexcept surprise, will end this year as the brand with the most registrations in Spain. With an eminently hybrid range, Toyota has managed to lead the market and amortize the investment and commitment to the hybrid car that it has been making over the last two decades. Toyota thus surpasses the two best-selling brands in 2021, which were SEAT and Peugeot.

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To show a button. Of the ten best-selling hybrid cars in Spain this year, four bear the Toyota emblem: Corolla (#1), C-HR (#2), Yaris Cross (#4), Yaris (#7).

This is how the Top 10 best-selling car brands in Spain:

  1. Toyota (60,149 units)
  2. Kia (52,251)
  3. Hyundai (50,152)
  4. Volkswagen (49,247)
  5. Peugeot (46,692)
  6. SEAT (41,898)
  7. Citroen (35,604)
  8. Renault (34,898)
  9. Dacia (30,672)
  10. Mercedes-Benz (30,069)

DGT figures broken down by ANFAC.

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