These 10 cars exceed 400,000 kilometers without problems


The high prices of new vehicles have led drivers to adopt two positions: on the one hand, they opt for second-hand models and, on the other, they prefer to keep their car no matter how old it is. In either of the two scenarios this question may arise: how many kilometers will it last? A study from iSeeCars has the answer.

iSeeCars is a website of classified ads featuring used cars. With such a database at their disposal, they decided to study the used market to find out which models have the highest mileage. analyzed more than two million vehicles that were sold between January and October 2022, but, yes, they had to meet two requirements: to have been for sale for at least ten years, over the last two decades and that it was still in production in 2020.

Toyota domain

With the results on the table, they proceeded to classify them based on their high mileage, keeping 1% of each model analyzed. Being a study carried out in the United States, the first conclusion makes sense: of the top 20 classified, 75% are pick-ups.

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The second result, however, is valid globally: Toyota represents half of those top twenty positions and dominates the ranking of the ten vehicles that accumulate the most kilometers. The reputation of its reliability is more than demonstrated with these figures. The Japanese brand is not the only one that imposes its law. In that ‘Top 10’ General Motors also sets the pace and, even, a Honda model has slipped in.

1% of toyota sequoia They had at least 296,509 miles (477,185 kilometers) on the odometer. Another model from the Japanese house appears on the second step of the podium: the toyota land cruiser with 280.236 miles (450.996 kilometers) and third place goes to the Chevrolet Suburban (265,732 miles / 427,654 kilometers). The rest of the list is completed by the following models (many of them are not present in our market):

  • Toyota Tundra: 256,022 miles / 412,027 kilometers
  • GMC Yukon XL: 252,360 miles / 406,134 kilometers
  • Toyota Prius: 250,601 miles / 403,303 kilometers
  • Honda Ridgeline: 248,669 miles / 400,194 kilometers
  • Chevrolet Tahoe: 250,338 miles / 402,879 kilometers
  • Toyota Avalon: 245,710 miles / 395,432 kilometers
  • Toyota Highlander (Hybrid): 244,994 miles / 394,279 kilometers
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Maintenance and driving: the keys

From iSeeCars they point out that this is a list made up of very durable models that have been capable of exceeding 400,000 kilometers: “This study does not report on the maximum useful life of these vehicles. It is simply based on the current reading of your odometers: most are still in use and working well.”

To this they add that they have reached this point because they have received adequate maintenance. The longevity of a vehicle depends on a variety of factors, some of which are beyond the reach of the manufacturers themselves: driving style and maintenance are the most significant.

Combining both factors, it is not uncommon to find stories of drivers with vehicles that have exceeded 800,000 kilometers and even one million like the Porsche 911 Turbo that we were talking about a few days ago. Despite being a sports car, which tends to be models with lower mileage, someone decided to use it as their everyday car, and besides, the owner had no plans to give it up.

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