There are still companies determined to change the front of the BMW M3 and M4

Undoubtedly, the controversy was served when BMW launched the latest generation of the M3 and M4. Its XXL size grill did not make people happy, but little by little we have become accustomed to it and even taken a liking to it thanks to that extra aggressiveness it brings. Nevertheless, there are still companies like Adro still determined to fix the frontand they demonstrate this with their latest pieces for Bavarian sports cars.

And it’s a very laudable thing to do, as mod companies have always been around for owners who want a little extra spice. And also for those who want an M3 or an M4 but manage to get their front end into their eyes, although it is necessary to clarify that the Californian company not only modifies the front of both, but also offers pieces to emphasize your DNA.

There is another company that wants to “fix” the front of the M3 and M4

According to Adro’s own people, what they wanted to do with this modification is to bring the “standard” BMW M3 and M4 closer to the M4 CSL, at least in design. Although while the official variant does not reduce the size of your grill, the one proposed by the American manufacturer reduces the dimensions and takes advantage of the situation to provide it with a diet rich in carbon fiber.

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This is found in a new splitter, heel cups, diffuser and spoiler. But speaking of the crux of the matter, the grill, we found that it has shrunk by 10% compared to the original grill. It has also been made wider and lower, which according to Adro keeps unchanged the cooling process with which BMW shielded itself to create the front end that we all know.

Be that as it may, if you are the lucky owner of a BMW M3 or M4 and you do not get to its front, know that Adro has already opened orders. Specifically, it will be necessary to face a payment of 3,500 dollars for the new frontwhile the price of carbon fibers varies, being, for example, the front splitter of 800 dollars.

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