The ultimate playseat is made from the interior of an Alfa Romeo 159


The Alfa Romeo 159 It is one of those cars that is hard to see on our roads. Not many were sold back in the day, and a decade after its commercial end, a significant part of its production has reached the end of its useful life. Both the Alfa Romeo 159 and the Brera – its brother with a coupé body – had a spectacular interior, with a design and ergonomics that were impossible to question. It is because of that have served as the basis for creating the definitive playseatas an Instagram user teaches us.

The user is called @simalfaproject_sneyk23, and he is a Polish fan of driving simulators. Part of the immersive experience in this type of video game is due to the seat and controls used by the player. High-quality simulators and professional simulators use real seats and high-precision feedback steering wheels, among many other systems, with the goal of making the driving experience as close to driving a real car as possible. In that vein, the dashboard of an Alfa Romeo 159 is hard to beat.

The creator of this “playseat” drives an Alfa Romeo 147 out of his virtual life.

The project began, most certainly, with a Scrapped Alfa Romeo, from which the cockpit and dashboard have been removed. It also seems to have saved the center console and the part of the frame where everything was anchored, including the doorway and the base of the seat. The seat, by the way, although it was purchased separately, also comes from an Alfa Romeo 159. Everything was finished with exterior panels and upholstery similar to that of a car, trying to make it look as original as possible.

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Initially the gamer had installed a Logitech wheel, but now he adapted the controls of a gaming wheel to the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Giulia – everything remains Alfa Romeo. The gearbox and pedals are functional, as are the backlighting of the controls, clocks and instrumentation. Nevertheless, instrumentation clocks do not respond to game inputs. This might change soon, though you’ll only be able to make them move in PC games.

What do you think of this playseat as an immersive experience?

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